Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Camp Lake Aspen!

Dad and I drove up to Camp Lake Aspen this afternoon and it's beautiful. Thank you Amy for suggesting that we see if there were any church camping areas available. This one was available on exactly the days we will all be together - The afternoon of July 3rd, all day July 4th through the morning of the 5th. Lots of planning and coordinating to do, but I'm so happy we can be up there together. Wyatt will be right there with us in our hearts, but in other ways too, of that I have no doubt.

Our lake! There are four lakes in the campground, but this is the one we're right by and the missionaries assumed it's the one we'll be using. One of the senior missionaries caught 20 fish this morning, one of them a 5-pound trout. Forrest and David, he said he uses flies, just so you know. This is a catch-and-release lake but how fun! You can see the silver tips of the canoes in the bottom left-hand corner. It looked like there were six or seven canoes so we'll have plenty! Look closely at the middle of the photo and you can see the zip line that the kids can use to their heart's content! It dumps them off in the lake :-)

 The grandma and grandpa bench by the lake.

 There are water faucets at various places in the camp sites and fire pits. The water is safe to drink.

They provide the wood....lots of wood!

We have a big camp area all to ourselves. Our site is called "Nauvoo" so Tony and Cindy your family will feel like you've just been here. There are 15 or more sites to pitch tents that are leveled out with soft wood chips.

 Another part of our camp site.

Aspens galore. They said they've had some moose sightings a couple of times this week at the lakes where the moose come down to drink.

Sister Maughan talking with dad. She and her husband are two of the missionaries who live there during the summer.

 Restrooms with flush toilets and warm showers. One side is Men's, other side women's.

 The road leading into the camp.

 Pretty view of the mountains

One of the other four lakes - look close and you can see the baby ducks swimming around.

Swinging rope bridge over a stream for kids and brave adults (who aren't grandma) to try to master!

Rock climbing wall with all the harnesses and ropes we need. Luckily we have good teachers in the family!

Awesome rope swing that swings the kids out over the stream. The sister missionary said she's only fallen in once.

 Team building course that we can use however we want! Bring on the sock Olympics baby!

Our own covered pavillion with plenty of picnic tables where we will prepare meals, eat, playing cards, do crafts, who knows! We will have a great time.
Love you all,

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  1. I think it looks beautiful there and lots to do! It'll be so fun!


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